Individual Counseling

Sometimes life gets hard. It may be difficult to just get through the day or handle things you used to with ease. You might start thinking of how you can take care of your own needs when you have to take care of others. You might find it tough navigating relationships with children, your partner, family or people at work.

If you notice that you are overwhelmed, unable to achieve your goals or stress is affecting your life and relationships, it is time get help. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength and a necessary step to start feeling better.

When we start working together, we will create a connection that will become a map for your relationships with others, a more honest and open one. The relationship that you develop with your therapist can change the way you see yourself, the way you reflect on things, and would naturally lead to new ways of relating to others. 

Reasons people seek therapy with me:

  • I have a lot of conflict with my partner /my partner doesn’t appreciate me
  • I am single and lonely
  • I was raped and I’ve never told anyone
  • I am confused about my relationships
  • I am not worthy/Low self-esteem/I have difficulty making friends
  • I want more intimacy/sexless marriage
  • I can’t connect with anyone
  • I have a stressful work environment/problems with co-workers
  • I am contemplating divorce
  • My parents expect too much from me
  • I have a strained relationship with my child
  • I am depressed because of my family
  • I can’t get over a loss of a loved one
  • I come from a dysfunctional family
  • I need someone to talk to/no one understands me